The Roy Louis Band (Eletric Jazz, Fusion, Worldmusic)


...the fire of “Latin Rhythms”, the drive of “Rock”, the heart and soul of “Rhythm & Blues” and the sophistication of “Jazz" ....


The manifestation of the “New ROY LOUIS Band” literally explodes with energy, spontaneity and sheer variety of timbres.

Roy Louis’s compositions, the use of harmonies and world rhythms are astounding. This Band is an arrangemental tour-de-force,

a smorgasbord for the ears.


They will take you through a mesmerizing experience!




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Roberto Badoglio

Roberto Badoglio - Bass

David Haynes
Elmer Louis

Elmer Louis - Percussion

Francisco Morales

David Haynes - Drums

Francisco Morales - Piano, Keyboard

Roy Louis - Guitar, Bass



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